Category: Art

A few pen plotter print using acrylic markers pinned up on the wall

Numerical Compositions

While the strokes are precise, the choice of using acrylic markers adds a sense of craftsmanship to the drawings.

Hubris Atë Nemesis

“Like many paintings of the Maine coast, we hope this work captures a moment of suspense in a dynamic system — a snapshot with an uncertain future”

Totrik Annushka

I remember when I first saw these cakes by Totrik Annushka, I thought to myself “Wow, these are cakes that I want to have and eat them too.”

Black Balloons

An installation exploring the idea of impermanence and duality. Due to entropy the installation has to be carefully maintained and even revived during the period of exhibition.

Nathan Coley

Some of my favourite installations by Nathan Coley.


“Words have real power. They inspire but also hurt. And, in the karmic sense, things said eventually come back around to us.”