Category: Photography

Aerial photography of an airport during a lockdown

The Lockdown Series

The unprecedented situation with the globally coordinated lockdown over the past few months has definitely been very challenging, especially so for the aviation industry.

The Astronauts Company

“From the moment I opened the PDF containing the brief from Marcelo, at Jane & Jay for the launch of Astronauts Company, I was all in.”

Alone in Iceland

I really enjoy this series of photos for how it portrays the immensity of the ice cold landscapes of Iceland.

Stefano Perego in Japan

Truly mesmerizing photographs taken by Stefano Perego of some of the most prominent structures in Japan.

Beautified China

“While living and working across China, I was able to appreciate first-hand what a strong influence architecture can have.”

a lady falling down

In Between

A wonderful series of photography that explores the dynamism in motion.