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Anousha Shankar playing the sitar

Bright Eyes

“The singer is an instrument and the sitar is the lead singer”

A girl interacting with a shadow

Shadow Animals

“Together with the Gothenburg Opera Dance company we investigated social rituals, such as greeting, dinner, dancing and mating rituals. We picked them apart piece by piece and we used the pieces to build our own social rituals, that resembled the original ones but were slightly absurd.”

The Astronauts Company

“From the moment I opened the PDF containing the brief from Marcelo, at Jane & Jay for the launch of Astronauts Company, I was all in.”

Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano

Yoshitaka Amano

“A portrait of Yoshitaka Amano, the character designer & illustrator legend behind the Final Fantasy series.”

An animated illustration of a girl walking into the horizon


“The short film “Weird” is a monologue about the diversity. It is a scream of a girl, used to be judged as weird and different.”

A satellite view of a geometrical landscape on earth


“The massive contrast between gridded architectural systems and the natural environment is something that when seen from above is very apparent and nearly intrusive looking.”

A man and a woman running


“Meaning “running in reverse” in Japanese, Gyakusou derives from the counterclockwise direction in which GIRA runs through Tokyo’s Yoyogi park, bucking tradition.”

An illustration of people relaxing on the beach


A short animation based on Hannah’s experiences travelling around the area.

glass shattering


“The film is an exploration on the nature of time, the relentless violence of entropy and creative energy and its relationship to music itself.”