Kki Sweets by Produce

We have seen some exquisite cake designs previously. And now in another cake related post we will take a look at the interior of one of my favourite cake shops that was recently completed by Produce. I must say that I am genuinely impressed by the design though the communal table reminds me a lot of The Last Supper.

Kki Sweets is a dessert restaurant that offers beautifully handcrafted confectioneries. While retaining their original passion for craft, culture, and community the current design propels these concepts further with the shift to full table service. There is also an aspiration to encompass showmanship as an extension of their dessert-making craft.

Two architectural devices were brought together in order to achieve this; the communal table and the stage. Both these elements exist in our common vocabulary and bring with them certain assumptions.

The hanging ceiling structure was constructed out of a welded metal frame with thin vertical rods. Tyvek panels, strengthened with tailoring boning along the seams, are hung precisely off the frame to maintain crisp sharp edges.

The shape of the table is offset from this functional line with the allowance for circulation. This results in an efficient plan with the kitchen and dining dividing the space crosswise into two, while achieving the maximum table size possible.