Dominique Ramsey for #BlackLivesMatter

I am truly mesmerized at these illustrations by Dominique Ramsey for #BlackLivesMatter. Also, I highly recommend listening to the songs and the poem that inspired this series.

A girl interacting with a shadow

Shadow Animals

“Together with the Gothenburg Opera Dance company we investigated social rituals, such as greeting, dinner, dancing and mating rituals. We picked them apart piece by piece and we used the pieces to build our own social rituals, that resembled the original ones but were slightly absurd.”

Aerial photography of an airport during a lockdown

The Lockdown Series

The unprecedented situation with the globally coordinated lockdown over the past few months has definitely been very challenging, especially so for the aviation industry.

The Astronauts Company

“From the moment I opened the PDF containing the brief from Marcelo, at Jane & Jay for the launch of Astronauts Company, I was all in.”

Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano

Yoshitaka Amano

“A portrait of Yoshitaka Amano, the character designer & illustrator legend behind the Final Fantasy series.”

Ace Hotel Kyoto Pre Function Space

Ace Hotel Kyoto

“Centre stage is Kuma’s renovation of a 1926 building by modernist master Tetsuro Yoshida – a rare monolith of brickwork, high ceilings and arced windows, formerly home to Kyoto Central Telephone Office.”

A few pen plotter print using acrylic markers pinned up on the wall

Numerical Compositions

While the strokes are precise, the choice of using acrylic markers adds a sense of craftsmanship to the drawings.

Hubris Atë Nemesis

“Like many paintings of the Maine coast, we hope this work captures a moment of suspense in a dynamic system — a snapshot with an uncertain future”