A man and a woman running


“Meaning “running in reverse” in Japanese, Gyakusou derives from the counterclockwise direction in which GIRA runs through Tokyo’s Yoyogi park, bucking tradition.”

Sara Wong for Catapult

“I especially enjoyed the texture that Sara created in each piece, her rich palette choices, and the multiple layers of transparency all grounded with brilliant conceptual heft.”

Alone in Iceland

I really enjoy this series of photos for how it portrays the immensity of the ice cold landscapes of Iceland.

A man staring at the mirror but there is no reflection


A haunting video set to hard techno beats.

Stefano Perego in Japan

Truly mesmerizing photographs taken by Stefano Perego of some of the most prominent structures in Japan.

A boy standing in front of a wall of colourful graffiti

Drug Runner

If you have 6 minutes and 44 seconds, watch this docu-drama based on Charlotte’s interview with her friend.

Black Balloons

An installation exploring the idea of impermanence and duality. Due to entropy the installation has to be carefully maintained and even revived during the period of exhibition.

Beautified China

“While living and working across China, I was able to appreciate first-hand what a strong influence architecture can have.”

An illustration of people relaxing on the beach


A short animation based on Hannah’s experiences travelling around the area.

Nathan Coley

Some of my favourite installations by Nathan Coley.

A jazz band performing

Golden Brown

Have you ever wondered how it might sound like if the Dave Brubeck Quartet played Golden Brown?


“Words have real power. They inspire but also hurt. And, in the karmic sense, things said eventually come back around to us.”