An animated illustration of a girl walking into the horizon


“The short film “Weird” is a monologue about the diversity. It is a scream of a girl, used to be judged as weird and different.”

Totrik Annushka

I remember when I first saw these cakes by Totrik Annushka, I thought to myself “Wow, these are cakes that I want to have and eat them too.”

A satellite view of a geometrical landscape on earth


“The massive contrast between gridded architectural systems and the natural environment is something that when seen from above is very apparent and nearly intrusive looking.”

A man and a woman running


“Meaning “running in reverse” in Japanese, Gyakusou derives from the counterclockwise direction in which GIRA runs through Tokyo’s Yoyogi park, bucking tradition.”

Sara Wong for Catapult

“I especially enjoyed the texture that Sara created in each piece, her rich palette choices, and the multiple layers of transparency all grounded with brilliant conceptual heft.”

Alone in Iceland

I really enjoy this series of photos for how it portrays the immensity of the ice cold landscapes of Iceland.

A man staring at the mirror but there is no reflection


A haunting video set to hard techno beats.

Stefano Perego in Japan

Truly mesmerizing photographs taken by Stefano Perego of some of the most prominent structures in Japan.